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Chemistry 151

Chemistry 151, or Chemical Thinking at the University of Arizona, has quite the reputation. It’s often referred to as a “weed out” class for freshmen and sophomores. This class incorporates introductory elements of general chemistry while requiring students to approach and combine the concepts in unique ways.

Many students find the way they learned how to “study” in high school simply won’t cut it for this class. It’s often the first college level science class students take, and on top of learning new content, students must learn how to apply and think critically about the material.

Chemistry 151

More about the Chemistry 151 Program

After many years of working with this courses, we have developed a special program specifically for chemistry 151 as it’s taught at the University of Arizona. Throughout our program not only do we help the students learn and apply the material, but we also teach them how to learn, how to study, and how to be successful in science classes at the college level.

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