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High School Tutoring

We offer in person or online private hight school tutoring for a variety of subject. STEM Excellence Tutoring tutors explain concepts in a way that helps students find simplicity in the complex concepts they aim to master. With comprehensive high school tutoring, we tailor each lesson to a student’s individual learning strengths and weaknesses.

High School Private Tutoring

96% of STEM Excellence students report an increase in performance and confidence!

Rather than just show students how to solve a problem, our tutors teach students how to read and understand the problem, and how to develop a pathway to the solution. In our high school tutoring programs, we take time to understand where the students are missing connections, and help them build foundations that empower them to answer questions on their own. It’s no wonder that, with this methodology, 96% of our students report an increase in performance and confidence in their classes.

Private High School Tutoring

The value of private high school tutoring is that we customize the lesson plans to your exact needs. Whether it’s a few missing steps in understanding or a complete “I’m lost and don’t even know what I don’t know,” our tutors will start where the gaps begin and work with you to master the subject.

We also offer comprehensive in person and online tutoring for college and university students. 

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