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The path to medical school takes focus and determination, and we’re here to help make sure you aren’t alone on your premed journey to get there. Whether you’re in your freshman year of college or ready to put your application together, our STEM Excellence Tutoring Premed Programs can help you every step of the way.

Premed STEM Excellence Tutoring Programs

Premed Boot Camp

Our Premed Boot Camp is for students who are still over a year away from applying to medical school. Most students attend the boot camp after their freshman or sophomore year of college. During this time we help students create a plan for fulfilling all of the requirements for medical school so they can know exactly where their focus needs to go along each step.

We offer the boot camp every summer, and we have live information sessions on-going now where you can learn what steps you can be taking now to set yourself up for medical school acceptance.

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Math Tutoring

MCAT Exam Prep

SAT Exam | STEM Excellence Tutoring

The MCAT is one of the main hurdles for premed students. It is an intensive 7+ hour exam in which students are required to apply their knowledge in a completely new format.

We recommend 3-6 months of dedicated preparation for the MCAT Exam, and students should finish with their MCAT Exam at least a year before they’d like to begin medical school. If you’re ready to start studying for your MCAT Exam, we’d love to help you ensure your preparation helps you earn a score that you need for medical school acceptance.

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MedApp Program

The application to medical school is multi-faceted, and it is different for every student. The way in which a student puts together their application can determine whether they are invited for an interview or not – whether they are accepted, wait listed, or flat out rejected.

We help students know how to showcase their strengths and fill in their weaknesses, and we work with students to make sure they can formulate a comprehensive narrative that represents them as a strong applicant.

In our MedApp Program, we work with students to ensure they don’t have any gaps in their application and their experiences are tied together properly.

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