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MedApp Program

Most medical schools participate in a general application process, called the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). While individual schools can vary drastically on how they evaluate candidates, there are some general best practices and blanket requirements for all medical schools.

MedApp Program

Application process

Students first submit a primary application, which consists of MCAT scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and a list of experiences such as community service, research, leadership, medical exposure, clinical hours, and extracurricular activities.

The admission committees at a student’s chosen medical schools will either reject the application or they will send a secondary application. (Some school send all applicants a secondary application, while others screen based only on MCAT Score and GPA). The secondary application usually consists of a variety of essays.

Lastly, if a student makes it past the secondary application round, they will be invited for interviews. Interviews generally occur between September and February/March. Final decisions are made after the interview.

The majority of medical schools offer spaces in their programs to qualified students until all of the openings are filled. This means students are at an advantage if they apply early in the application cycle (in June) as opposed to at the end (in November).

There are also key features students can incorporate into their application to ensure they represent themselves as a strong candidate. Our MedApp program helps students identify and strengthen weaknesses in their application and combine their experiences in a way that compliments them and helps them stand out amongst other applicants.

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