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SAT Prep

The SAT Exam is one of the best opportunities for students going to college. A great SAT score can earn students academic scholarships and, depending on the school, even help students place out of English and math introductory courses.

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More about the SAT Exam

The SAT Exam is broken down into 2 main sections: English and Math. The English section is broken down into a Reading section and a Writing and Language section, while the math section is further broken into a “no calculator” section and a “calculator” section. Both of the English sections are all multiple choice, and each of the math sections has a set of multiple choice questions followed by fill-in-the-blank questions. The number of correctly answered questions is converted into a score out of 800 for the English sections and 800 for the Math sections, which combine to give an overall score out of 1600.

Doing well on the SAT exam really comes down to one thing – learning the structure of the exam. There are strategies students can use to significantly increase their scores. In fact, most of our students increase their scores by an average of 200 points in just a matter of weeks by implementing some of our exam strategies.

SAT Exam

The thing that’s the most challenging about the SAT Exams is not the content itself, but the way in which the questions are asked. Questions are purposefully misleading, and without realizing the secrets of the exam, students can easily be tricked into picking an incorrect answer.

Our SAT Prep program teaches students to recognize these secrets of the exams, so they can quickly and easily identify the correct answer and move on to the next. We teach students how to optimize their time for the most amount of points, and we show students common mistakes to avoid.

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